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Saturday, April 9, 2011

Spring Flowers Charm Swap

I've really been in the mood for SPRING...and it just refuses to stick around here in the Clevetown area...so I've occupied my time indoors by designing Spring Flower charms for a swap my friend Bev is hosting in the ArtCharms Yahoo group.  I'm not yet sure how many I'll need to make as you can still join in through April 15th.  Charms are due by May 15th.  If you want to play, join the group here.  Then you read the requirements & sign up in the Database.
The charms above are my Captured Flowers.  I love using these little glass bottles with corks for art charms.  They're from SkyBluePink.  I arranged tiny little faux leaves & posies inside & glued the bottle shut with Glossy Accents.  Added a very tiny little eye screw to the top for hanging & embellished the charm with a bit of pearl link chain & a tiny leaf charm.  Each one has different posies captured inside...a fun little art charm.
This little bouquet is another idea I've played with.  The flowers are constructed from seed beads & plastic flower parts & the leaves are also plastic.  Looks like spring to me.
This last design is lots of fun, too.  The Spring Daisy is a plastic "Lalique" flower shape that SkyBluePink is no longer able to get and her "Queen's Jewels", which you can find in MANY colors in her shop. I added the glass leaves...one to the bottom hole & one so it hangs in back...and all it needed was a tiny jump ring so that the larger jump ring would be facing the right way for attaching it to a bracelet or necklace.

I'm working on a bracelet made with a bunch of these Spring Daisies now...when it's done & photos have been taken, I'll put it up for sale in my Etsy shop. 

BTW...the beautiful embroidery background is a vintage cotton pillowcase that is a favorite of mine.  It was a gift to my Mom & Dad for their wedding in 1951.  She never used them, but I indulge occasionally.  They're too pretty to just sit in a closet.

Enjoy your weekend & thanks for visiting my little blog.  Be creative however & whenever you can...at least once a day is my recommendation!


  1. Those are lovely! You have to admit today wasn't bad and tomorrow is to be better.

  2. Debbie, these are super! My personal fave is the bouquet. I'm going to have to look into this swap.....

  3. Hey Peggy & Peggy...heheheheee!!! Thanks to both of you for your nice comments on my little charms. I have fun making them.

    Peggy R...yeah...today was ok, but just being out in the still too cool for my asthma air, I'm now coughing like there's no end in sight. I certainly hope we do hit near 80 tomorrow...and maybe have some SUN! I never believe these Clevetown weather people until I see it! I need some heat...but with low humidity...I'm not asking for much. Oh wait...that's Southern CA weather!

    And to Ms. Peggy in FL...you lucky duck, you! You really should look into this swap. We'd love to have you play along. It's a fun & active group, too.

    Thanks again for the comments, you guys.

  4. Thanks, eBeth! I've had lots of fun designing new art charms...and just signed up for another swap in the ArtCharms group...charms made of wood this time. Sounds like fun.


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