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Sunday, April 17, 2011

We have a winner!

You may remember this little Easter Giveaway that I posted awhile ago...
My random number generator...aka my sweetie, Phil, woke up in the middle of the night so I asked him to give me a number between 1 and 19...and he said 12...and Cher was the 12th one to share her Easter memory...so she wins!  Congrats, Cher...I'll send you an email so you're sure to see that you've won...so email me with your mailing info & I will get your Easter goodies sent out to you ASAP.

Here's what Cher wrote as her favorite Easter memory:
"Hi..one of my favs was the year my kids won an Easter Egg hunt... they were so happy! and surprised... had no idea what they were winning just thrilled to win... then we saw the prize... A huge basket filled to the brim with wonderful chocolates...all in different foils...so so pretty.. you didn't want to touch it... and along side of it? A 3 foot tall foil wrapped solid chocolate bunny.. we laughed ...as my kids were not much bigger than the bunnny! Needless to say...we had lots of chocolate to share and then some."

Well, I for one would have loved a 3 foot tall chocolate bunny as a kid...what kid wouldn't???  This little giveaway might not be as spectacular as a 3 foot tall chocolate bunny, but it is a fun little prize.

Thanks to all of you for sharing your Easter memories.  If you haven't gone back to read all the comments, you should...lots of great memories were shared.  Big bunny hugs to all...only one more week until the Easter Bunny visits...here...we've been eating Easter candy for awhile.

And Happy Passover to all my Jewish friends.  Passover begins at sundown on Monday, April 18, 2011.  As you celebrate Passover…may you be blessed with peace and happiness!

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  1. ohhhhh u just made my day! So fun to win! and I enjoyed reading all the great memories. You are too sweet...and hug your man for picking my number...emailed you with my addy...xo cher


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