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Friday, May 27, 2011

More swaps...

I've got some other stuff going on right now...not such fun stuff...but I have done some pieces for swaps that I can share with you.  The Chotski pin above is for a swap at Red Lead Paperworks...there is still time to participate in this one...you can get the details by joining their Yahoo group here
The due date is June 18, 2011.

I've also done more art charms for the swaps in the ArtCharms group.  The first swap was charms made with wood being the main element.  I did 2 different charms for this one...here are my spools of thread.
And my Chinese Lanterns.
The next swap was fabric & fibers.  I simply HAD to join in this one...so much of my life has involved these things.  I did 2 different charms for this one, too...it breaks up the monotony of doing so many of the same charm.
The charms above feature sari fibers with some red glass beads & hearts.  I love the textures & colors.
And the charms above are made from some felted balls that a friend graciously shared with me awhile back.  There are seed beads sewn onto them & they are finished off with some funky glass rings that have dots on them.  I like these a lot.

So that's what I've been up to between going into the basement when a terrible storm rolled through...with a VERY unhappy kitty who did not want to be there at all...and sending good energy to the people who have suffered such terrible losses with all these storms & tornadoes.  Be safe, y'all.


  1. Hate to hear you're going through rough times. I'm so glad you have a basement to go to. When we lived in Columbus the kids and I spent a lot of time in the basement. The only tornado I ever saw was there as I was coming out of a Penneys store - we headed back in to the basement and after that I took the warnings seriously.
    Your charms are beyond adorable - I'm with you - it's hard making identical stuff. The thread spools are soo cute and soo tiny. Sending wishes for good things for you. xoxo Nancy
    Poor kitty - give him a little pat from me!

  2. What great charms Debbie!
    Stay safe in the storms! Did you tell Sophie it was for her safety??? lol

  3. Thanks, Y'all...this weather has been the scariest since we moved here...and Sophie Cat didn't care what we were taking her to the scary basement for...and she was quite vocal about that!

  4. Love all your charms, Debbie! And the swap charms were AWESOME!

  5. Debbie, all your charms are great. I've have to check out the Red Lead Paperworks group.


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