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Tuesday, March 20, 2012


It's been an unusually warm March here in Clevetown.  We may hit 80 on the first full day of Spring.  The crocus bloomed a couple weeks ago...this pic of the crocus that fill our front yard is actually from last year, but I missed getting pix this year.  Soon we will have violets & narcissus in the back yard...and I'll be outside enjoying their beauty.  I plan to sit in the sun & enjoy the first day of Spring.

With as nasty as Ohio is, I figure we deserve a nice spring...let's hope this trend continues.  Adios, Winter...we won't miss you at all.

Happy SPRING, y'all!


  1. Happy Spring, Debbie!!! I can hear you jumping for joy from here :) :) You and Sunny soak up the sun, okay?

  2. Happy Spring my dear! I enjoyed the crocus spread in the yard at the cottage this weekend. The best sign of spring along with the warm weather! Enjoy girlfriend!

  3. Isn´t it great to see those signs of Spring everywhere? Hope you´ll have a warm one to forget the hard winter you´ve had ... Hey, and what a surprise to find a hello from you via Bev - she´s right, it´s a small world!


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