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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Washi Tape...

It's here!!!  My latest order of washi tape arrived the other day...so of course I had to play with it right away.  The tape shown above is a new exclusive Hawaiian print from MechaKucha808...which is my very favorite source for tape.  What I've done is make a little note card of stripes in the 2 colors available in this pretty Hawaiian floral print.  Quick & easy...and just one of the uses for washi tape.  Nancy, who owns that Etsy shop, is having an introductory special on these new prints right now...so the time is right to add them to your collection!
The tapes above are just a selection of other tapes I've purchased from this wonderful Etsy shop.  All of these are MT tapes...they are the more expensive tapes, but very high quality, so they're worth it.  The one with the multicolor pencil stripes is my newest one...so fresh & I'm sure I'll use it a lot.
And last but not least...I splurged awhile back on the pretty lace tape above.  The edge of it is actually scalloped...and it's turquoise...what's not to love?  The tape is here...but I see right now she only has it in black...which is awesome, too. 
I really cannot say enough about my favorite shop for washi tape...and I'm not getting paid to write this...I just love to share favorite sources for good supplies.  In addition to washi tape, she has cute packaging tapes & some paper products, too.  I have a running wish list in my head...a girl can never have too much washi tape!!!

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