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Friday, January 10, 2014

Is it Spring yet???

This is what I saw out our dining area window earlier this week...way too much snow covering the branches of the burning bush.  Couldn't see across the street.  Bitter cold, too...but that's old news now.  Anyway...I thought these branches made a kinda cool graphic image...so I played with it a bit in Paint Shop Pro.
I added some blue to outline the branches...kinda cool.
Why not RED??? 
Then I solarized it...very graphic with very subtle hints of color.
Finally, I posterized it...I like how the shadows are so pronounced.
Then...as I usually do when playing with the computer graphics stuff...I got bored & called it done.  With the high winds we had & the SUN actually shining the past couple days, this snow melted from these branches...but I know it will be back before long.  At least it's starting to warm up a bit.  Rain this weekend will hopefully melt it all. 
Is it SPRING yet??? 

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  1. Hi Kitten, the snow definitely is pretty to look at. I can handle it till the end of February, but then I'm so ready for Spring! Your photos are great. I just came from 52l Lake Street where I found out that you are my swap partner for the Valentine swap. Yahoo! I'm so excited! I'm looking forward to get to know you!


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