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Sunday, September 28, 2014

Busy Week

It's Sunday again & football is about to start.  No Browns game today...it's a bye week for them.  But football is football...so I'll be stitching more later.  Our weather is gorgeous...but slightly overcast today...perfect for stitching. 
The flowers I'm sharing today bring my count up to 64...yea!  Since I've gotta stop at around 77 then get back to assembling all the flowers...to make sure I have enough green for the entire pathway...I pulled out centers & matched them up with prints I want to be sure to get into this quilt...and spent time cutting those hexies.  My heart rate was too fast this week...so hand stitching is one of the only things I could do...thank heavens for that.  I did see my doc...so meds have been adjusted & seem to be helping.  Between the heart rate & asthma...it was a challenging week.
That's my old plastic template from the 1970s...cut from a plastic lid.  It serves me well with it's matching larger one for the cutting lines of those hexies.  It will still be used to cut all those green hexies...and possibly more flowers if I end up with enough green yardage.  I can't buy more of that green...it's also from the 1970s & originally I was planning a double bed quilt.  If I don't have enough green, I can border the garden with multi colored hexies...or add half flowers to make it a rectangle...then add solid or print borders to get to a queen size.  I'll make it work somehow. 
So now I have my cigar box with possibly the last of the flowers all cut out & ready to stitch.  Fluff approves as you can see. 
Here's my box...all ready for the week ahead.  Oh...and I also started to cut out tumblers from the leftovers of these 30s prints...and white cotton.  My next slow stitching project will be a tumbler quilt...the tumblers are 2.5" high when cut...so just 2" high when sewn together.  While I have lots of machine pieced projects in the works...I know I have to always have some hand stitching ready to go.  I'll need the tumblers to break up the monotony of all the green in my future. 
Once again...I'm linking up at Kathy's blog with other slow stitching enthusiasts...it's worth your time to go visit their blogs & leave a comment, too.  LOTS of wonderful eye candy!


  1. Hello Fluff ! Your mama is lucky to have such a good helper! :) :)

  2. I love your attitude about adding more fabric and making it work. Makes for great quilts! Your flowers are wonderful!

  3. Sound like a great plan for your quilt. I agree - smart to have a hand project ready to go. I prep my flowers similar to that although I cut a strip the height of the template and cross cut. Enjoy those stitches.

  4. Love your stitching! Glad you are enjoying the weather.

  5. Lovely vintage hexies! It will be fun watching our respective quilts grow!

  6. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear about your raised heart rate episode! Was it from your asthma meds? So glad all is well now for you. PHEW!

    Love your hexies and you're nearly there, just a bit further now. WOOHOO

    Happy crafting and take good care of yourself!

  7. Slow stitching is perfect to lower your heartrate and BP. Just stitch and breathe...


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