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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Pie Birds

Awhile back, my blogger friend Jann had a post about pie birds.  You can read it here.  When I commented that I also had a collection of pie birds that were my Mom's & Grandma's, Jann said she would love to see them.  This post is for you, Jann.

This blackbird is my favorite...but don't tell the others I said that.  Funny thing is...I don't remember anyone actually baking a pie with these guys inside.  I don't like to bake...unless it's that frozen Marie Callender's Razzleberry pie...yum!  I can't put a pie bird into that because it goes into the oven frozen.  Comes out delicious...even with me baking it.
In case you can't tell...my pie birds live in a corner cabinet with lots of other fun plates & bowls & stuff I've collected over the years.  They seem to like it there.  Oh...and those Laurel & Hardy salt & pepper shakers were Mom's...my Dad loved Laurel & Hardy, so I think of him every time I look at them. 
I'm still hand quilting that gift I can't yet reveal...interesting how hand quilting is so calming...I just sit & quilt...and do my best to keep the kitties off the quilt.  The recipient of this quilt isn't allergic to cats...and I'll wash it before it gets shipped off...so no worries there.
It's way too cold here in NE Ohio...with way too much snow...but I'm happy we're not in Buffalo!   


  1. Love your pie birds Debbie, so adorable! They must fill you with smiles and memories.

    Sending hugs ... the holiday season is one of family loss and sadness for me too.

  2. Oh Debbie, they are precious! The first two are really quite whimsical. Fabulous collection! I think the last two are my favorites. I loved seeing Laurel and Hardy as well. Thanks so much for sharing them!! Oh yes, poor people of Buffalo. Unbelievable!


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