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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

I'm dreaming of a GREEN Christmas!

I'd be ecstatic with a sunny & warm Christmas...but here in Ohio, that won't happen...unless by some freak of nature, which would be quite welcome! So, since Christmas will be the same gloomy, cold weather as always here, we had to settle for our little Christmas tree decorated with our Santa in the Sunshine ornament collection. The photo shows a small part of the collection...the warm weather Santas take up an entire side of the tree & it makes us happy to see them.

The traditional Christmas tree has made it's appearance here for the first time since we moved to Ohio from sunny Southern CA in October 2004. Our previous Christmas tree was the kitschy faux palm tree you see above. LOVE it!!! In fact, it stays up all year long as our "lamp" by the front door. Hey...a girl's gotta have a bit of CA in her life no matter where she lives!

May your Christmas & New Year's be warm & bright...and full of love & happiness.


  1. That´s what I´d wish to have, too! But we have loads of melted snow here in Germany, and it´s grey and cold. Hope you have a merry Christmas nevertheless!

  2. I love your tree and CONGRATULATIONS for starting your blog. I've tried a couple and couldn't figure out how to do it! Have a VERY MERRY CHRISTMAS!

  3. Kitten I love your Christmas tree and the crazy palm tree as well! Merry Christmas!


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