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Monday, June 24, 2013

Check this out...

You might remember that I've mentioned Melody & her Bits & Pieces Art Program before.  Well, through that program, Mel teaches art journaling to at risk kids in Southern CA...and gives them journals & supplies to do so.  As we all know, funding cuts have taken the arts out of many public school programs...so what Melody is doing is quite a gift.

At the end of each school year, the students have an art show...to display their journals for all to see.  What fun that must be for them...almost as much fun as playing in their journals.  Here is a link to this year's shows...so much talent revealed because of Melody's efforts & generous contributions from people like you. 

I'll be coming back to you again...reminding you of Melody's supply drive for next year's students.  With the success of her program, the principals have asked if she could teach more kids...so she will need more supplies.  She's having her art supply drive in August & September...but she happily accepts donations all year long.  I have a large flat rate box going for her right now...as I clean through my studio, it's easy to add in things I know I don't need any longer...and when it's full, I'll send it out to the Left Coast.  I keep thinking it's really a shame we don't still live out there...for many reasons...but I could just have Mel come over to visit & drive off with her car full of fun stuff.  But I still do what I can...I'm not good around kids, but I'm good at contributing supplies so they can see the fun & life altering benefits of ART. 

Thanks for all you do, Melody...and keep up the good work.  Love ya!


Sunday, June 16, 2013

My Dad...

This is an all time favorite picture of My Dad...seemingly restraining me as my Mom took our picture at the Zoo.  Don't you love my high-water pants pulled up way above my waist?   Always the fashion icon...that's me.  My brother Bob is probably around 2 here...from what I remember he was 3 feet tall by the age of 2.  That puts this pic in the 1958 range...looks about right...all in black & white film.
We always went on family vacations & weekend or day trips.  We didn't stay in fancy hotels...it was motels where you parked right in front of your room.  There was always a cooler with soda & sandwiches & fruit for snacks along the way.  No fancy restaurants, either...but we had FUN & that's what it's all about.
Here's to my Dad...who died too soon at the age of 66...and to all the Dads out there...

Saturday, June 15, 2013

Too much fun!

OK...so I said I'd stop, but I couldn't resist this tape set.  First...there are BEARS on one roll.  Phil is like a big cuddly teddy bear& he has a favorite saying "Don't poke the bear!"...which simply means...
don't get him angry!  Then...there are bunnies & squirrels...and everyone is dancing!  I mean...what's not to like, right?  At first I was looking for just the one with the bears, but then I saw the set & saw that you could layer the two to have everyone dancing together...and I had to have them both.  It arrived the other day from another great Etsy shop...The Washi Shop

I also got this set from her...
It's so different from other florals or black & red tape I already had...so it jumped right into my cart. 
Now I THINK I'm done for awhile...at least until I have some nice sales in my Etsy shop...or until I see something I simply cannot resist.  Gotta go work in my journals & play with some of this tape. 
Have a great weekend.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

More Washi Tape...

It's here!!!  My latest order of washi tape arrived the other day...so of course I had to play with it right away.  The tape shown above is a new exclusive Hawaiian print from MechaKucha808...which is my very favorite source for tape.  What I've done is make a little note card of stripes in the 2 colors available in this pretty Hawaiian floral print.  Quick & easy...and just one of the uses for washi tape.  Nancy, who owns that Etsy shop, is having an introductory special on these new prints right now...so the time is right to add them to your collection!
The tapes above are just a selection of other tapes I've purchased from this wonderful Etsy shop.  All of these are MT tapes...they are the more expensive tapes, but very high quality, so they're worth it.  The one with the multicolor pencil stripes is my newest one...so fresh & I'm sure I'll use it a lot.
And last but not least...I splurged awhile back on the pretty lace tape above.  The edge of it is actually scalloped...and it's turquoise...what's not to love?  The tape is here...but I see right now she only has it in black...which is awesome, too. 
I really cannot say enough about my favorite shop for washi tape...and I'm not getting paid to write this...I just love to share favorite sources for good supplies.  In addition to washi tape, she has cute packaging tapes & some paper products, too.  I have a running wish list in my head...a girl can never have too much washi tape!!!

Sunday, June 9, 2013


We FINALLY had a nice day here in Parma, OH.  It's been a cold start to the summer...we even had to turn the furnace on a couple days ago to get rid of the damp cold in the house.  Yesterday was too gloomy & cold for us to go to the Parma Rib & Rock...an annual rib cook-off here.  Today was just right...so we go right in  to the cook-off & stop for a beer...unfortunately it's Budweiser...but you've gotta have a beer with good BBQ.  Then we walk past all the other places & stand in line at the BEST place...Texas Pit Barbecue from Magnolia, TX.  We've tried the others in the past, but this one is by far the best.  We lived in Dallas, TX for a couple years & grew to love good TX BBQ.  I know other places do their version, but to us, the stuff from TX is always our choice.  We each got a beef brisket sandwich...one of the few times per year that I eat beef...and it was perfection in a bun.  With just a touch of their hot & spicy sauce & some dill pickle chips...we were happy campers.
Next weekend there's a German-American festival near us...we've never checked it out, but if the weather is nice, we just might have to give that a try.  We had a favorite German restaurant in CA...Gustav's Jagerhaus in Anaheim, CA.  I'm part Austrian & German, so we've always liked good German food...and, of course, the beer! 
It's fun to check out the summertime festivals here...as long as it's not raining.  I'm not about to stand outside trying to eat in the rain...I got spoiled in Southern CA for sure...and I liked it!
Now to go have some of the bag of Kettle Corn we got on the way out...yum!

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Out of control...and loving it!

It's no secret that I'm addicted to washi tape.  I love the stuff.  I use it when wrapping my Etsy orders...in my journals...on greeting cards...and to embellish just about anything that it will stick to.  So when I go to Michaels looking for the Sanford Sharpie Water Based Paint Pens that Kelly Kilmer blogged about...and end up with just one set of the pens but multiple rolls of washi tape...ON CLEARANCE...it makes for a happy day!  The bonus here is that these are the wider tapes...which I didn't have many of...and they're very good quality.  It's my first experience with Michaels Recollections line of washi tape & I'm thrilled with how nice they are.  Some washi doesn't stick as well as others, but these are first class.  The top 2 rows are actually the same roll...I love the text & postage stamps & birds on it.  I got a couple of the thinner rolls of tape, too...I just didn't scan those in. 
These are another recent acquisition...from an Etsy shop called WashiTape...it's part of the PrettyTape shop.  This set is called Summer Love & it's so nice & does remind me of Summer. 
I have a few more rolls on order from my go-to-for-most-tape shop, mechakucha.  It takes a bit longer for her to ship as she's been overwhelmed with orders, but her tape & stuff is always well worth waiting for.  I'll share those tapes once they arrive. 
For now I think I hear my art journal calling!