"Hey, if I had somewhere to go, I certainly wouldn't be in Cleve-Land." -Howard the Duck

Thursday, November 28, 2013

Happy Thanksgivukkah!

The leaves are long gone in this part of the world...but I'm thankful that we actually HAD an Autumn display this year.  It's bitter cold here & snow is on the ground...makes me long for those days when our Thanksgiving was sunny & warm.  No turkey for me today...Phil is in Columbus for a week long Hanukkah/Thanksgiving/Mom's 75th birthday celebration & I'm home here caring for the menagerie.  I've opted for Wild Canadian Snow Crab Legs for my feast.  I'll probably be making some Buffalo Wings to nosh on, too.  Football is on the TV...it's not Thanksgiving without football! 
All the cats & kittens here are napping.  Sunny went into our bed...she's sleeping on some of Phil's clothes that I've laid out for her.  She's NOT at all amused by having those kittens in her house...and it's worse because she adores Phil & he's gone.  She's always a handful when he goes away for a couple days, but this is even worse.  She'll be one happy cat when he comes home Saturday. 
The gang of 3 has been having fun knocking things off shelves & finding stuff to play with in my studio.  Just wait until they have the run of the house eventually!  As long as they don't break something that they could hurt themselves with...it really doesn't matter.  They seem to be fascinated by paper I've got pulled out for making journals...I figure the way they like to bite on it...they're just helping with that distressed look!
I'll put up the Christmas wreaths on the front door tomorrow...we've decided to pass on the Christmas tree this year...we can try it next year when the little ones have hopefully calmed down a bit.  We'll have to hope we can still use our faux palm tree that functions as a light in our living room.  That can be our Christmas tree again this year...as long as the kittens leave it alone.  I have a feeling we'll be doing a lot of baby proofing in a home that has never been meant for children...but for kittens, I'll do it!  Good thing they're so cute!
So...Happy Hanukkah & Happy Thanksgiving to you & yours.

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

All together now...

For the past week or so, all 3 kittens have been living together in one cage.  They seem happy to be together again.  Today, however, was the start of a new adventure.  We've spent a few days clearing out as much as possible from my studio...which is the only room in the house where we can close that door & keep them separated from Sunny until we're sure they'll all get along.

A couple hours ago, the move was made...and they all ran to find hiding places in that big scary room.  They have food & water & their litter box & beds & some toys...so until it's time for their evening meal I'm leaving them alone to adjust.  Fluffer is the bravest one...he was climbing all over the shelves looking for trouble. 

No creating for me for awhile...it's all packed up to make way for these cuties.  I'm sure I'll be able to get back in there once they've adjusted...their trip upstairs was in that kitty carrier that took them to the vet last time...so they've been stressed out.  I'll get some more pix as soon as I'm able to.

As for me...I'm exhausted & I'm going into bed to take a nap with Sunny Cat...she's got the right idea!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Remembering Mom

November 24, 2013 marks 5 years since my Mom died.  November has not been a kind month for my family.  My November birthday was spent burying my Grandpa back in the late 70s...then the day before Thanksgiving brought my Dad's funeral in 1988...and the day after Thanksgiving brought my Mom's funeral in 2008.  Thanksgiving has not been a favorite for me for many years.  Funny that one of my favorite pix of Mom is this one taken at Thanksgiving years ago. 
Once Dad was gone, Mom really didn't want to live...but she did for another 20 years.  I'm not a religious person, but I do believe that somehow they are together somewhere in the great beyond.
Here's to you Mom...give Dad a hug from me.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

It's time to think Christmas!

I know it's a week until Thanksgiving, but it's not too much longer until Christmas will be here, too.  I thought I'd help us all get into the spirit of things by sharing some Christmas tags I made back in 2006.  I didn't have a blog back then...so I don't think I've shared these before.
I certainly was into using lots of fibers back then...but I do love all the colors.  As a wanna be cowgirl back in the day...I can identify with this disappointed little cowboy.
This one above uses Lynne Perrella's Artist Papers...love those!  They're still available if you want some...I may have to put another set on my list for Santa.
My Mom used to have Gnomes all over the house & in our tree at Christmas.  I love the vintage charm hanging from the bottom of this tag. 
I no longer remember where I got this image, but the sentiment is from a set designed by Maureen Blackman.
And one last very Christmas tag to share...that image has always been one of my favorites, especially when I ink it up with red & green as above.  It's hard to see in the pic, but there are dots of sparkling snowy Stickles all over...they lightened the ink in some places for a very cool effect.
Now...go on & put that Halloween stuff away & get busy with your Christmas artwork...and gifts.  Christmas will be here before we know it!

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

25 Years Ago...

Today marks 25 years since my Dad died.  I was definitely Daddy's Little Girl...here we are in 1954 when we went to ride the ponies.  I wanted to be a cowgirl...and Dad always encouraged me to be whoever I wanted to be...even when he didn't quite agree.  Like when I moved to San Diego...he hated to see me go, but never once tried to stop me.  I always loved that. 
So, Dad...I'm thinking of you with deep love & admiration today...and always.  Thanks for helping me & loving me.  I miss you so very much.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Kitten update...

Last Sunday we were able to rescue Peanut Butter...or Peanut...from our backyard.  He's the last of the kittens...now we just have to capture their Momma & our mission will be complete.  Little Peanut was very scared until yesterday when I was able to get this pic of him...and this one...
He goes to the vet on Saturday & then we can put him in with his siblings, Gracie & Fluffer.  I'm headed downstairs to spend some time with these guys...so they can move upstairs soon with Sunny Cat & be one happy family.  We're not sure we can keep him, too...but with that face & his purring while he's playing...who knows. 
Remember the sale continues in my Etsy shop...purrrrrrrrrrrrrfect timing for Christmas gift giving.

Saturday, November 9, 2013

We rescued kitties...and you can get 20% off in my Etsy shop!

Meet Gracie & Fluffer.  Their full names are Amazing Grace & Fluffer Nutter.  These 2 little sweeties were born in our back yard about 4 months ago.  Gracie...the little gray calico...is a girl.  Fluffer is a boy.  Gracie & Fluffer are now a part of our family...even though Sunny Cat is none too sure she likes this idea.  Since these little ones were outside for so long, they had to get antibiotic shots today & will need to go back for their vaccinations...as well as being spayed & neutered.  The photo is a bit dark as they have to stay in the basement for now...but it's warmer than outside!  We still plan to rescue their momma & brother or sister...but we can't keep those two.  Our Sunny Cat isn't thrilled to have 2 strangers living in her basement for now...but we'll introduce them slowly after the kittens are healthy.
Since we really don't have the budget for all this additional expense...and I am trying to find a way to help out...I'm offering a coupon code in my Etsy shop...KittenCreates.  When you use coupon code KITTIES20 at checkout...everything in my shop can be purchased at 20% off...before shipping.  I have a nice assortment of vintage items as well as my hand dyed ribbons & tags...handcrafted ornaments & jewelry...destash from my studio.  I'll be adding more one of a kind treasures as the month goes on.  There are no exclusions to this sale...and it will continue through the end of November.  Perfect timing for the holidays!
This is Gracie before we were able to rescue her with the help of the wonderful people at Lucky's Angels...a cat rescue in Seven Hills, OH.  She's asking you to shop to help her if you can...she sure does like to eat!  I put two food bowls out so they each have their own...tonight she ate from one...then the other...then back to the first...I think she likes living inside! 
Please come see if I have something that would be great gifts for the special people in your life...and help the kitties.  It's all waiting at KittenCreates on Etsy
I also donated some of these kitty cat ornaments...and the angels below...to Lucky's Angels so they can use them to raise more money to help them rescue more kitties. 
They were thrilled & I really hope they are successful with their fundraising.  If you want to help them directly, their website is here.  If you are in the Cleveland area...they have lots of gorgeous kitties who want to have a forever home...as a member of your family.

Monday, November 4, 2013

Celebrate with Brown!

The November Swap from A Swap for All Seasons was so much fun...as usual.  I mean...what fun is it to get this adorable package in the mail?  It arrived from my swap partner, Marie.  I simply had to take pix along the way to see just what was inside.  Our theme this month was Birthdays & the color was Brown.
First...the card to me from Marie...
Owls always remind me of my dear friend Kimber...and this one will go in the art journal we were working in together. 
Marie made me this adorable Birthday Queen card...gotta love that photo.  As a child of the 1950s I was dressed up in those frou-frou dresses all the time.  I never had a crown...but I was a little princess.
I absolutely LOVE this special tag that Marie created.  The tea dyed vintage lace medallion is the perfect frame for that little baby face...and the corrugated cardboard tag is perfect with that lace & tulle.  The tulle has little bits of gold throughout for sparkle...just perfect!
Marie also sent me this great package of destash...buttons & Scrabble tiles...two of my favorite things.  Thanks so much, Marie!
Then I mailed to my partner, Pam, who lives in AZ but is in KY for now...so she won't get her package until she returns home.  She promised not to look at my blog until after she opened her package...so here's what I sent her.
I used kraft waxed paper bags to wrap her goodies...sealed with washi tape, of course.  Tied up with some of my hand dyed ribbon & a few posies.
Here's the birthday card I made for Pam.  She loves fabrics, and the lace print in the background is actually cut from some cotton calico.  The little girl is one of my all time favorite birthday images...from Red Lead Paperworks.
A simple greeting inside...with room to write a message.
My tag for Pam...see any similarities to the image on the card?
That's me as the Birthday Girl...for either my 4th or 5th birthday.  What a hoot that the stamp image is so much like my pic, huh?
And some destash for Pam...hand dyed ribbon & Baker's Twine with some walnut dyed tags.  I hope she likes everything & that she didn't peek!
Our next swap theme for December is Happy Holidays & the color is Green.  Our swap partners have been assigned, so it's time to get busy creating. 

Friday, November 1, 2013

Life in Parma, OH just got a little bit better...

Maybe this should be on my very neglected food blog...but since good BBQ is an ART, I'm putting it here.  On an all too rainy & windy Halloween, we went to the first day open for one of our favorite Texas BBQ places...Dickey's Barbecue Pit

I can't even describe how good the air smelled as we hurried to the door.  Being their first night open, service was a bit slow, but we were having fun talking to the franchise owner & others who were waiting in line.  At Dickey's, you order your meats first & watch the guy cut & weigh them for you...then go down the line to get your sides & drink cup.  Phil had the sliced beef brisket & pulled pork...with cole slaw & mac & cheese.  I had the Barbecue Honey Ham & Beef Brisket...with fried okra & fried onion tanglers, which are thin onion rings.  We were a bit disappointed that they had run out of the Turkey Breast...our favorite...but that's what happens at any TX BBQ place...when it's gone, it's gone until they smoke more.

The meat was nice & flavorful, although just a bit on the dry side.  The sauce made up for the dryness & I'm sure things will improve as they go along.  The flavor is wonderful!!!  There are vats of 3 sauces that are heated...so you can choose to add sauce if you want to.  We opted for some of their original sauce on the side & they also had a sweet sauce & a spicy one.  You can get your beverage in a Big Yellow Cup...which we did, of course.  They have their own Iced Tea...Miss Ollie's Tea...which you can get sweet or unsweet & you can even get a gallon to go.  I'm an unsweet tea girl...so I was happy they had it.  Their menu is here.  Oh...and if you dine in, you can end your meal with a free soft serve ice cream cone...you serve yourself.  Yum!

We will definitely be going back here...we've missed good TX barbecue, which I think is the best.  If you're in the Cleveland area, take a drive over to Parma...and right next to the Post Office on Day Drive...across from Byer's Field & The Shoppes at Parma, you can enjoy some wonderful TX barbecue.  The address is 7769 Day Drive, Parma, OH  44129 and the phone # is 440.882.3808. 

Maybe we'll see you there!