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Monday, January 11, 2010


So what inspires you in the creative process?  I'm inspired by colors or color combinations...textures...images.  I love to look through magazines & catalogues to find inspiration.  For years, I had files & boxes of pages torn from magazines.  Did I ever go back to them?  Nope.  So one night when I couldn't sleep, I pulled out a blank journal & started clipping my favorite images from some of the pages I'd saved.  Laid the pics out in piles of related colors or textures...and started to glue them into the journal.  This is not a wonderfully creative art journal...it's not a place for me to vent my frustrations & celebrate my joys.  Rather, it is a place for me to go to look when I need a bit of inspiration for a project.

The journal is a work in progress.  As I find a wonderful pic in a magazine or catalogue, I'll tear it out & add it to a folder.  When I feel like just sitting & organizing the images, I pull out scissors or my paper cutter & a glue stick & arrange a spread that is pleasing to my eye.  Sometimes a pic gets added to a page that was started awhile back...some pages have one or two lonely images on them, just waiting to see what gets glued in there next.  Ideas for projects are scribbled throughout the pages.

So I'm curious...does anyone else do this?  How do you organize images you want to refer to later?  Do you keep a journal of ideas?  Inspirational words or quotes?  What inspires you to create?

Here are a few more spreads from my journal...enjoy!


  1. I love your journal...glad to get a peek at it again! I've never done anything like this but I plan to one day. :) I have about 2 dozen envelopes full of magazine and catalog images just crying out to be enjoyed.

  2. omg you have a blog! i just found you through a comment on kelly's blog. so when are you getting on facebook? ; )

  3. Thanks for sharing your journal. I wanted to do a journal of my swaps, but haven't gotten around to it. Wonder why! I am a magazine freak....I've always been since I was litte.

  4. love your pages...wonderful colorful inspiration!

  5. Yes, Debbie. I'm totally like you. I have TOO MANY "WIPs" (Works in Process) to count! I love it, though, because it allows me to change perspective and give even more different ideas to a single piece. I love art journals for that reason...no matter when you come back to them, they're always there waiting for you and just as pleasing as when you last looked/worked on them.

    I especially love your red/orange flower pages. Those colors really speak to me there!

    I arrange ideas/images/projects usually on my PC. I like to go back and look in my "Project Ideas" folder at pictures of items that inspired me. I also keep a list of ideas on my table in the studio. I still have too many ideas to ever finish, but I like having inspiration there awaiting me!

  6. GREAT journal! I really have to take all my poor scraps and torn-out magazine photos and put them together. But yours is so beautiful...looks like that art degree worked!


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