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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A Swap for All Seasons...Tussie Mussie Swap

Be still my heart!  The latest swap at A Swap for All Seasons was a Tussie Mussie Swap for May Day!   If you love vintage & handmade goodies, you should check out this swap blog.  You have until April 30th to sign up for the next swap.  It's a fun & high quality swap...you are assigned a swap partner & you get to know them through their blog & email...quite fun. 

My partner for this swap was Linda F from Lambsworld.  You should visit her blog, too...it's always a delight & she has graciously posted pics of what I sent to her there.  Linda & I have never met in person, but we have known each other on line for quite some time. 

Here is what I received from the lovely Linda...thanks, Linda!!!
It started with this beautifully decorated box...even the mail guy commented on how much fun it was!

Inside was this gorgeous hat box...in a favorite color combo of mine...blues & browns.

So many wonderful goodies inside...wrapped in heavenly aqua tulle.

The beautiful Tussie Mussie Linda made for me...please excuse the ugly, shiny, almost orange woodwork...it's all over this house...guess it was fashionable in 1954...which is hard to believe.

The most lovely pink Depression Glass sherbets for my collection...both were full of yummy chocolates when they arrived...I had to get this pic before they were all gone!

The cutest little salt & pepper shakers ever!

Handmade May day cards & a beautiful handmade pendant.

Handmade tags...beautifully packaged, too.

A vintage hankie & gloves...they fit!  Adorning the gloves are a pair of vintage clip on earrings...
my favorite kind!

A bottle of Pacific NW beach sand and shells & sea glass...so different from the Southern CA sand I know & love...and still "kissed by the Pacific Ocean" !!!

Vintage sewing supplies...awesome!

And finally...WHEW!  A sweet little Kitten Tea Set...sort of out of focus, sorry...but you get the idea!

Linda sure knows how to fill a swap box, huh?  I'm one lucky girl to have had her as my partner this time.  Sorry to my previous swap partners...I'm way behind on posting pics of what you sent, but I'll do a catch up post one of these days soon.

So...playing in swaps is a good thing...and getting to know on line friends better is the real treasure.


  1. Oh my fur & whiskers!!!! What a loverly swap. I love tussy-mussies ;o) And all the wonderful gifts -- the Kitty Cucumber teaset is BEYOND! The gloves, earrings & sewing notions...BEAUTIFUL card & tags. I never would've thought to celebrate May Day. When I was little my mom & I made flower boxes out of wooden strawberry boxes -- wove bits of ribbons through the squares..and somehow set a jam jar filled w/flowers inside the little 'cache-pot.' The idea was to sneak up to a friend's door, set down the flowers, ring the bell & run like hell!

    Loved sharing your May Day ;o)

  2. Wow! What a swap box full of goodies.
    Checked out her blog and saw what you sent too.
    What fun!

  3. Happy May Day Debbie! I still have all the wonderful goodies you sent me out on my table where I can enjoy them. Thank you again for making this May Day so special!


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