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Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Photos of my latest swap goodies!

I know I should have posted these awhile back, but better late than never, no?  The pile of wonderful surprises above is from Sandy of 521 Lake Street.  Her blog is delightful & I've had so much fun getting to know her through our latest swap.  I've been participating in these one-on-one vintage swaps through
A Swap for All Seasons for quite awhile now...and each one is more & more fun.  The next swap will be announced August 1st, so if you like vintage & you'd like to play, check it out.

The theme for our last swap was "Something Old, Something New, Something Borrowed, Something Blue" and we were to send one item representing each category to our partner...as well as sending a vintage wedding photo.  The only thing that had to be wedding related was the photo.  Half the fun in these swaps is getting to know your partner through her blog & emails...and then wrapping & sending her some special treats. Here are my treats from Sandy...
The unwrapped gifts:
Something Old:
Something New:
Something Borrowed:
Something Blue:
And a Vintage Wedding Photo:
There was also a special package of destash from Sandy's studio...all wonderful art goodies that were new to me...awesome!
Thanks again, Sandy, for the wonderful swap goodies...and thanks to Linda from A Swap for All Seasons for being the hostess with the mostess for organizing another wonderful vintage swap.

Until next time...I'm busy working on more to list in my Artfire studio...don't forget the link is on the top right hand side of this blog.  Have a great week!


  1. Hi Debbie! How's it going there? When are you coming out to Cali for a visit?????

  2. Hey there buddy!
    It looks like I did OK, doesn't it????? I am still having fun with all of my goodies! Guess what there is a candy store coming to Chandler, AZ ( right around the corner from me) called Sweetie Candy Shop and the guy started in Parma! Do you know what I am talking about????? Vintage candies for sure the article said! Whooo Hoooo!!!!!! Hope you are feeling better! :):)

  3. Hey Sherry...
    Sadly, no CA trip in the near future...way too many things to deal with here that take up all the $$$ we have. I'm CA Dreamin', though!!!

    And Sandy...
    You did more than OK, girlfriend!!! And yes...there's a place here...actually in Brooklyn, OH...called BA Sweeties. I've never been in there, but hear they have a great selection...I hope you enjoy it...did a Google search & it's the same company...you can't escape Parma!!!


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