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Friday, July 2, 2010

Altered Patina Art Charms

I figured it's time for some art...so here goes.

I'm hosting a swap over at the Red Lead Paperworks Yahoo Group & we're swapping charms made with these awesome patina charms that Red Lead sells.  The charms are due to me by July 31, so there's still time to play if you'd like.  Just join the group & sign up for the swap in the database...all the details are in there.  You'll need to stop by Red Lead if you're lucky enough to live close enough for that....or order your charms from their online shop.  Then have fun creating...I sure did! 

The swap is 4 for 3...one of your charms will be shipped to Red Lead Paperworks to be on display in their store...cool beans!  The dragonfly charm above is staying here with me...and the ones I'm swapping are shown below.  I hope you enjoy them.


  1. Love these! Great job Kitten!
    I'm already in the swap. Can't wait to see what I get. The idea for my charms is still formulating in my brain - I haven't started the actual creating yet! Gathering supplies and ideas still...

  2. These are fabulous Kitten, They will love getting these!

  3. Debbie your charms are wonderful!

  4. Niiiicce Deb!

    PS I thought about you the other day when I drove past Miguel's restaurant.


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