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Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day !

With LOVE to all on this Valentine's Day.  I hope your day is special...and don't forget to hug your furry 4-legged friends, too. 


  1. I LOVE, lOvE, LoVe THIS!!!
    abrazos from Mat and me!

  2. Beautiful heart. Well, Happy belated Valentine's Day, Debbie! Just stopping by to let you know I mailed your sampler yesterday so it should arrive this week. It was frustrating and fun! Has it warmed up any? It's soo beautiful here - I hung rugs on the clothesline today and wore shorts! xoxo Nancy

  3. Thanks to both of you. I dug deep into my archives for this Valentine as it's one of my favorites. It was from back when I was an AOC for Stampington. Published in Inspirations, Summer 2006. Thanks for your comments...and Nancy...while it has warmed up, we're back to the winter weather by Saturday. Hugs & love to you & Mat, Gabriela!


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