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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

It's June...time for a Summer Giveaway!

How did it get to be June already?  Inquiring minds want to know.  But since SUMMER is now upon us, I've gathered up some fun summer stuff to share.  I need some summer fun...and a new roof on the house...but that part's no fun.  Having a pity party here about that roof thing.

Here's what I've packaged up to share for this Summer funfest.  Some of my hand dyed ribbons in summery ocean colors...a big shell...a tin filled with ocean shades of beads & charms...a fishy art charm...a summery bottle cap magnet & a pendant that features a bottle filled with sand & shells.   Stuff that reminds me of when we actually lived close enough to the Pacific to go down there & experience those ocean breezes.  Somehow going to the shores of Lake Erie here isn't anywhere near the same experience.
Entering is easy...just leave a comment here on this blog post.  Summer is the time to sit back & relax...just share your favorite summer fun activity...or a quick & easy summer recipe...or a summer drink recipe...alcohol encouraged...or just tell me you're too busy chillin' to think.  Be sure I can access your email addy, so that if you win, I can let you know. 

Enter through June 15th...I'll pick a winner on the 16th so I can take your package to the PO that weekend. 

Here's to fun summer days!

I have had emails saying that some comments would not publish.  If that happens to you, please email me directly with Summer Giveaway in the subject line & I will add you into the drawing.  I'll be putting all names into a basket to pick the winner.


  1. Summer is hitting here in AZ too! Had the A/C guy out today to be sure we were good to go for the summer. Love the colors and the little bottle! Stay cool, Carol

  2. Drink recipes? That's just my cup of Long Island Iced Tea! Actually my favorite recipe is to pop the top off a Sammie (Samuel Adams) and pour into a frosty mug. Just the thing after mowing the lawn on a hot summer afternoon!


  3. No summer here yet, still cold. Whats up with that? Love the beautiful colors you've shown. Reminds me of the ocean.
    Love the charms you made in past posts too, very cool!
    You should come enter my giveaway too!

  4. Great giveaway, Hope I win!! The older I get the more I just want summer too! I recently saw a Martha Stewart (Yikes) where she took all different kinds of tea bags from her cupboard and used them to make ice tea, i thought it was a great idea and you can get rid of some of the odd teas, of course she added sugar, not a ton and lemons and it was wonderful! Have a great summer! sueirvine@comcast.net

  5. Beautiful beachy colors, girl - you know how I feel about the beach! And who can resist your gorgeous ribbons?!

  6. What a fun giveaway, Debbie! Love the colors!

    Isn't it great that we in OH are finally out of the winter weather??? I'd have liked a bit of spring, too, but I'm not going to complain. (lol)

    Oh, speaking of alcohol - had a great drink at the Olive Garden recently - a bellini with lots of berries. Oh, was it good! Hmmm, I think I need to go back to OG for dinner, soon!

  7. Those are my favorite colors....reminds me of the beautiful Florida beaches we left when we relocated to Utah. Oh, our local ski resort has announced that they will be open until
    July 4th....yes, we've had quite the snow pack this year, LOL.

  8. Great colours, and my favourite ones, too! They let me dream of sunny days and a wonderful summer!

  9. I love those colors but I'm not a fun in the sun gal - too faired skin to be able to enjoy it. I hibernate as much in the summer as I do in the winter. Give me cool Autumn and Spring days 365 please. :)

    You make Ohio sound like a miserable place to live. LOL

  10. Pretty colors and a fun giveaway. It's already in the nineties here. Ugh! Whatever happened to spring?

  11. What a fabulous giveaway!
    It's June 1 and it's a chilly 51 degrees and rainy here in the Sierra Nevada Foothills of Northern California. I've been playing with my crock pot in anticipation of summer and I think this is a tasty and easy recipe:

    Pulled Pork
    2 lb pork shoulder
    1-2 cans root beer
    BBQ Sauce (1 bottle or less)
    Buns or Rolls

    Cook pork in crock pot with root beer for 6 to 7 hours on low setting. When cooked, remove pork from crock pot; discard cooking liquid. Let pork cool slightly and shred using 2 forks. Add desired amount of BBQ sauce. Serve on rolls or buns..
    Optional: Top pulled pork sandwich with coleslaw (packaged or home made),or serve on the side. Enjoy!


  12. Wow what a totally awesome giveaway. I know what you mean about this crazy Ohio weather....50• one day and 95• the next. Whatever happened to spring? Ah well the grandkids love it and that's how we spend a lot of summer...watching them play ballgames or hanging out at the park with them. Enjoy your summer!!

  13. Love the group of beads and things...I do miss the seashore a little bit during the summer...I realize I've spent half my life within two or three miles of the beach, but the desert has its charms. I have a new tradition for August--when it's too hot to do anything else, I make my way through a huge book. In the past I've done Les Miserables and Proust. This year I might take it easy and read through all the Harry Potter books :) Love your blog and thanks for a wonderful giveaway!

  14. Girlfriend, Summer is HERE in the Burg!! Whew the hot weather last week had me wishin for some of that nasty four letter word - RAIN! Although with what I read about a new roof, looks like you don't need any more of that "R"! What a wonderful giveaway! Thanks bunches! Hope to see you this summer too!!

  15. happy summer and what a lovely gift.. thank you for such a wonderful chance to win.
    have a great day and big ladybug hugs

  16. You always have the coolest stuff! I love your Art. Of course I am partial to birds, I have 9. You are not missing too much here in So Cal. June Gloom has been the gloomiest ever! I am sure I will look back and long for these days when we hit the triple digits later in the summer. Miss you...

  17. It is definitely summer in Texas! 90 + degrees at 9:00 at night. and no rain in sight. Oh, well, I still love it.

  18. Oh I hope I'm not too late! The colors in this prize are lucious! The blues and greens remind me of the ocean, too. Erie...not so much. My husband and I have gone up to Erie twice for a short get away and both times it has rained the whole time. I guess I have bad luck at the lake. Oh well! Love the seam binding dyed..I want to try that sometime. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. Goodness gracious where have I been?! What a lovely give-away, Kitten! Hope you have a wonderful summer, hugs to you,


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