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Thursday, July 21, 2011

More Art Charms...A Charm A Day

Day 18 - Antiqued Silver & Red

Day 19 - Deco Egg

Day 20 - Eternal Knot

Day 21 - Measure Twice

Day 22 - Garden Fairy

Day 23 - Variations on Sparkle

Day 24 - Morning Glory

Day 25 - La Llama

Day 26 - Circus Circus

This is turning out to be a very fun challenge...and a great way to use those one of a kind beads that seem to get stuck in a jar or a drawer...it's time for them to be liberated into some charms.


  1. These are lovely - can you guess which one is my favorite??

  2. Love the fairy where did you get her?

    Elaine in jersey

  3. Hey Elaine...
    No email was available to respond to you, so I'll do it here. I got the fairy as part of a hostess gift in a swap I hosted...so I have no idea where she was purchased. I hosted lots of swaps, so I'm not even sure who sent her to me...I've had her for awhile.

    And Peggy...I'm guessing you like the Morning Glory...or maybe the fairy.


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