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Friday, December 23, 2011

Need some last minute gift ideas?

Maybe you're still making gifts for Christmas...or Hanukkah...or Kwanzaa.  I'm sharing some of the ideas I came up with this year.  All the people who these were sent to have opened them, so I won't be spoiling any surprises...I sure wouldn't want to do that. 

The ornaments above add some very pretty sparkle to your Christmas tree.  I especially love the icicles...I'm thinking I need lots of those to adorn our tree next year.  They look so elegant, yet were relatively easy to put together if you have the supplies & some basic beading skills & tools.  Those are vintage hooks on the ornaments...they're sooooo much sturdier than the ones you buy now.

Here's the cross hanging on a tree.  I love the peace dove on this one.
My friend Bev collects buttons & uses them in her artwork & jewelry designs.  When considering a little something to send her way, I decided on an altered mint tin...don't ever throw those away as they're a great canvas for altering.  A little collage on the front, along with some buttons and a line from a vintage book are all it takes. 

Then go through your button box or jar & select some pretty ones to share. 

A bit of memory wire & beads make a pretty bracelet that goes together in a matter of hours.  Add some charms or more beads to the ends & you have a bracelet that fits almost any wrist.  This one is in Los Angeles for a nice, warm, Hanukkah celebration.  I wish I could have delivered it in person!!!

There's always the option of making a piece of jewelry such as a pendant or earrings & gifting them in an altered matchbox.  A small ornament could be gifted the same way...or maybe some cold hard cash would fit inside...that's always the right size & color!

These little ornaments add a cute touch to your gift packages & then look "sew" sweet on the tree.  If you bake & give goodies as gifts, these are a nice touch for attaching the gift tag or closing a bag of cookies.

Last but not least, most people really love to get a handcrafted ornament.  I have friends who tell me how they always think of me as they're decorating their tree, or how once their daughter got married, they gave her the collection of ornaments I'd made to get her started with a nice collection. 

Merry & Happy to all of you!  Remember to slow down, breathe, & enjoy your holidays...and some good munchies with a nice adult beverage never hurt, either!

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