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Saturday, June 23, 2012

ArtCharms...Tiny People

The latest swap I've played in is called 12 Tiny People.  TINY people...each one can be no more than 1.5" high, which includes the jump ring.  Quite a challenge for me...but one I'm thrilled I took.  I created 14 tiny peeps, actually...2 of them are staying here with me.  The rest have been packed up...along with their name tags...and are on their way to the swap hostess to be swapped out with the others who signed up to play.  Each of my people has a name...that's what finally made it fun for me. 

I would like to introduce the gang...

Damien & Nathaniel

Violet & Bertha

Elena, Leona, Simone & Dottie

Xavier, Phoebe & Stuart

Colette & Pierre

So that's the gang.  Sophie & Damien are the two who have remained with me.  I'm pretty sure all the peeps will end up on a beaded garland...made of multi colored Hippie Beads, of course.  They'll probably adorn my studio until the Christmas tree goes up again in December...then I do believe they'll live quite happily there. 

We have awesome weather...and our jalapeño & Anaheim chile plants are looking good so far.  Hopefully they will produce lots of yummy chiles for our enjoyment.


  1. These are just adorable! They make me smile!

  2. ADORABLE, Debbie!!! You are SO creative!

  3. Thanks for your nice comments! I ended up having so much fun creating these charms.

  4. Those little guys are just too cute, Debbie - love them all!


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