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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Christmas in July

Yep...it's getting closer to Christmas each day...and even though it can be tough to get into the holiday spirit when it's hot & humid outside, I've been working on Christmas treasures for my Etsy shop, KittenCreates.  I'm really hooked on the beaded icicles shown above...I'll be creating lots of them for our tree, too. 

They're tough to photograph, but add lots of sparkle to the tree.

I'm making the altered matchbox gift boxes again...they're perfect for a special little gift...and are a creative way to give a gift of money, too.

Vintage Christmas Seals have such interesting images...and they fit perfectly on these little boxes.

Some are simply good for any winter gift giving occasion...like the Let it Snow guy above.

Some carry a message of Peace.

And, of course, there are Hanukkah gift boxes, too. 

Cute little Christmas ornaments...these just clip onto the branches.

And handcrafted patchwork ornaments created with vintage calico.

I'll continue to add to my shop as the days count down to Christmas & Hanukkah...so please stop by if you're looking for a special little gift.  You can visit KittenCreates here.  Thanks for looking!

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