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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Just what I wanted!

This little beauty is gracing our wall with it's festive greenery & a heavenly fragrance.  It's actually my birthday gift from Phil...but we had it shipped just after Thanksgiving so it would still be wonderful during the Christmas season. 
It's a California Bay Leaf wreath from Williams-Sonoma.  I've wanted one for years, but we never got around to ordering it until this year.  I can't wait to make lots of savory soups & stews with a touch of the flavor of these fragrant leaves.
When the wreath arrived, it was perfectly fresh as you can see above.  The fragrance was out of this world wonderful.  It dries naturally over time...the pix here are about 2 weeks apart.  While the fresh wreath is fabulous, I think I like it even better now that it's dried.  The leaves curl a bit, yet you still get a subtle fragrance when you pass by. 
Nature's perfect decoration...both beautiful & useful. 
It's just what I wanted!


  1. It's lovely. Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.

  2. I bet that smells incredible - and it is so simple and elegant!


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