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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!

May you be as happy in 2013 as a kitty grabbing for her favorite new toys!
Oh...and one more thing...The 125th Rose Parade is TODAY.  In my humble opinion, THE only way to watch it is on KTLA from Los Angeles.  Stephanie edwards & Bob Eubanks are the hosts.  In Southern CA, the parade airs over & over again all day long...it was the constant backdrop for whatever we were doing on New Year's Day.  You can now watch it streaming live on the KTLA website.  YEA!
Then...a wonderful surprise for this homesick Southern CA girl is that The Hallmark Channel is airing the KTLA broadcast on TV.  Be still my heart!  They're also airing it back to back...just twice, but that's ok.  I won't look outside at the snow & just visualize that we're back in S CA again.  THAT would be the happiest New Year!


  1. Not sure how I missed this cute kitty! we used to have one of those things that launched round rubber rings that our cat loved. good memory.

  2. The Rose Parade--Yay! Couldn't talk the family to go camp on the sidewalk the night before so we'd be there for the parade first thing in the morning when we were in SoCal for the holidays! That's what we did when we were in high school :) happy new year!


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