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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

One of my Collections...

I admit it...I'm a collector.  I love certain things & love to have them around.  I also love to use the things I collect...I'm thinking that gives them a certain redeeming social value, no?
One of my favorite things to collect is fruit & vegetable shaped stuff.  If these fruits happen to have a cover...like a sugar bowl or little fruit shaped container...all the better.  Another passion of mine is bowls...fruit shaped or otherwise.  See those bananas in the corner...they're bowls.  I hate the smell of bananas & can't even bear to be around someone eating one...but I do love how they look.  The watermelon & cantaloupe bowls are favorites, too.  The peach is from a way too long layover in the airport in Atlanta...and my Mom had lots of fruit shaped paperweights that are now living happily among my other fruits.
Each of these fruits has a story...and it makes me happy to remember where & when I acquired them.  The pineapple in the back is actually a tropical drink vessel that I talked the owner of a favorite Chinese restaurant into selling to me.  A week later, we planned to go to dinner there & the place was empty...it looked as if they closed down in a hurry.  Every piece has a story.
This shelf is in our living room...the bright colors add a bit of whimsy to the bookcase & the fruits are in easy reach when I want to use them.  My vegetable collection is spread out in various cabinets...but is well loved & used. 
Do you have a collection of favorite items?  Do you use them or simply display them?  Inquiring minds want to know.

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