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Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Treasures from the Sea

I've been working quite diligently to clear out stuff in the basement here.  There have been shelves I haven't been able to even reach...until lately.  The other day, I discovered a rusty old coffee can on a shelf & inside were these treasures from the sea!  Sand dollars...inside a rusty old can...inside a box with other stuff piled on top of it.  In NE Ohio...imagine that.
I'm pretty sure these were collected on a road trip that my Mom & Dad took in the early 1980s...shortly after I had moved to San Diego.  They drove west from OH across the northern tier of states...and stopped to visit my Uncle in Tacoma, WA.  I'm figuring they went to the beach & collected these sand dollars.  From the sand that was inside of them & the rust from where they probably entered the can wet & never saw the outside again...that makes sense to me.  I imagine they were thrown into the can & put into the trunk of the car...made their way back here & into the basement to be washed...and just sat in that can until I discovered them the other day.
All of these pix were taken right after I washed them...so they're still pretty dark.  I've read that I can bleach them...just for a short time...but now that they're dry, the colors are kinda cool.  I love the bits of rust, too.  I'm not sure what exactly I'll do with them...but it sure was fun to discover these as I had no idea they were here.  What a treasure.


  1. Oh you are so right what a treasure! Do some kind of sea life artwork with them!

  2. Ooh, those are wonderful! I definitely vote for you to keep them as is. Who else will have such lovely, rusted sand dollars?! They are definitely unique. :)

  3. Of course I love them! I am not sure about keeping them without bleaching them - I am not certain that they won't begin to smell, especially after being in a damp can for so long. You can wait a bit and see, I suppose! The discoloration due to mold will be bleached away, but there will still be color variations if you bleach them. You could always try a few different ones. Have fun! They will look awesome even in a jar or large bowl!


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