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Friday, September 6, 2013

More Pattern Play

Patterns above from 8.12.2013...flat watercolors on the vertical stripes & metallic watercolors on the horizontal ones.  I'd like either one as fabric.
I had some black gesso left over from painting a book cover, so I painted it onto a couple pages in my journal...then doodled with metallic Sharpies.  The facing page still only has the black gesso rectangle...haven't decided what to do there yet.
More patterns...with flat watercolors & the thin diagonal stripes are Sharpies.  These are from 8.26.2013.
Then I went back & added some bright colors to those stripes from the 8.6.2013 spread.  I like the bright colors with those black & white stripes.
I'm glad I started this journal...it's a fun distraction.  I drew a paisley pattern a few days ago...still need to color it in then take pix.  I'll play in this book when I feel I want to...no pressure...no worries.

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