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Thursday, May 22, 2014

A Slight Distraction...

 I'm lucky enough to have this vintage yo-yo pillow.  It was my Mom's and she got it from one of my Dad's aunts...so my Great Aunt created it.  I can't remember which Great Aunt...and Mom is gone now so I can't ask her, either.  Anyway...this pillow is so special to me & sits on a bench by our back bedroom window.  It needs a few stitches to repair it, but I kind of like it worn & weathered...like me!
I'm amazed by how nice & even the gathering is at the centers of these yo-yos.  From what I've read, the smaller the stitching around the outside of the circle, the tighter the gathers & that's how to get that "O" shaped opening at each center, too. 
 So for years I'd see these little yo-yo makers for sale & thought they weren't necessary...I knew how to make yo-yos by cutting circles & sewing along the folded edge & gathering them.  Just like my Great Aunt & my Grandma & all the other Great Aunts & Grandmas through the ages made them.  Easy, right?  But did I actually MAKE any yo-yos that way?  NOPE!  I don't have the patience to do that folding over of the slightest edge & the tiny stitching...and I'm already cutting hexagons, so cutting circles wasn't exciting me, either. 
Enter my new little toy...the Clover Quick Yo-Yo Maker!  Yep...I gave in & ordered one.  The Large one is shown here...it makes yo-yos almost the size of the ones on my little pillow...about 1.75" across.  Since you take longer stitches around the edge, my centers aren't as nice as the ones my Great Aunt made...but I like them stitched tightly shut, too.  And I'm making yo-yos! 

I love how you just snap in a piece of fabric & cut around the edge of the yo-yo maker...no tracing & cutting of circles.  The stitching is quick & easy...as long as you pay enough attention & don't stitch the fabric to the tool.  You can see lots of videos on how to use these little gems on YouTube...just search yo-yo maker.

This is the Small size...it makes yo-yos that are around an inch in diameter.  The first fabric scrap I saw laying around was Christmas fabric...so now I'm busy sewing tiny little yo-yos to make some ornaments or even a garland of yo-yos for the tree.  That is if we ever get to have a Christmas tree again...with these kittens that like to climb.  Good thing they're so cute!!!
I have so many scraps of fabric...and fabric I've purchased as part of a charm pack that I don't like enough to put into my quilt...bit it seems all fabric looks great when made into yo-yos.
I'm still piecing my flowers for my quilt...but this is a fun little diversion.  I'm easily bored...so it's good to have a couple things going at any one time.  These days if it involves fabric...I'm all in.
I'll keep y'all posted on the progress of both projects...I have more fat eighths on the way...so more fun fabric to share soon.  Have a wonderfully creative & relaxing Memorial Day weekend...and remember those who served & still serve to protect our freedom.

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