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Wednesday, March 4, 2015

February 2015 Banner Swap

I'm sorry this post is so late...I've been down & out with some crud that Phil brought home from work earlier in the month.  The weeks after Valentine's Day were mostly spent trying to breathe & feel somewhat near human.  I'll do my best to catch up on the little bit of creativity from February now. 

The package above arrived early in the month from May in the UK.  I just LOVE the stamped images on the envie...so different from the ones I have.  I'm loving the Swap for All Seasons this year.

The best part was what was inside that lovely package.  This is the little banner I received from May...I absolutely LOVE it!!!  Since I love to sew, the dress form is so perfect for me...and the vintage style & trims & lace are fabulous.  It's up on my quilting inspiration board right now, so I see it every time I'm in my studio.  Thanks, May!
Even the back of this piece is adorable...look at that tiny pink safety pin holding on her name so I always remember who created this wonderful piece just for me.  I wouldn't be able to forget anyway!
Gracie had to inspect it as soon as I opened it...of course.  May, you'll be happy to know that Gracie approves of your wonderful artwork.  It's kitty approved.
This is what everything looked like wrapped up...what a fabulous idea to use doilies to wrap the little banner.  In addition to the goodies above, May included lots of UK postage stamps for me to use in my journals & other artwork.  Yummy tea for these cold winter days & nights, too.  Awesome.
These are the doilies that were wrapped around my banner.  I need to do something special with them for sure. 
Look at the color & detail on this one.  I think it's calling out to be a pillow top.
Finally, this is the piece of fabric May sent my way.  It's beautiful...I still haven't decided what to do with it...maybe it will be the cover for a fantasy travel journal.  I'd love to get to the UK one day...and at least I can go there in my dreams. 
Well...this post is long enough.  In a few days I'll be back to share the little banner I made for Joy, my swap partner for February.  Luckily I had her banner done before the crud hit me. 
Take care & be creative...March has come in like a lion here...I'm hoping it will become a lamb really soon...this snow & cold stuff was old months ago.


  1. Oh Wow Debbie.. May's fabric banner & goodies are Gorgeous!! ( I'm already a big fan of May's work,)..... can't wait to see what you have created for Joy now 😉

  2. Love your mini sampler from May, Debbie! Adore the vintage stamped images, so much fun and the fabric is so wonderful! Can't wait to hear wait to see what you do with it. Happy Friday!

  3. Such wonderful samplers, Debbie! I love them both! And lucky you to get those wonderful British stamps and fabric as well!

  4. Such wonderful samplers, Debbie! I love them both! And lucky you to get those wonderful British stamps and fabric as well!


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