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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Catching up on A Swap for All Seasons

Well...I've certainly fallen behind on blogging...I'm blaming it on making quilt tops & also on Instagram.  Early in March we finally got smart phones & the first thing I did was sign up on Instagram.  Good grief...I can spend hours in there.  If you want to check me out, I'm ohkittencreates.
Anyway...the first thing I'm going to catch up on here is the samplers I've sent & received in A Swap for All Seasons.  The one above is what I created & sent to Jan of Jan's Arty Junk.  Way back in March.  I told you I was behind here.  Jan lives in the UK & it was lots of fun to get to know her a bit through this swap. 
This lovely sampler is the one I received in March from Marti of Artful Curiosities. Marti lives in my very favorite place on earth...San Diego!  The sampler she created for me is lovely...so many different vintage laces & a sweet romantic photo.  I love it.  Thanks, Marti!
In April I made a sampler for Marti...and from reading her blog I found out she loves Paris.  So...I pulled out an image of the Eiffel Tower & used some Paris map fabric I found at Fat Quarter Shop.  Marti said she loves what I created for her...and it was fun to make. 
My April mailbox held this wonderful sampler from Jan.  I love the blue & yellow color combination & that kitty cat is so ME.  All the little vintage laces & buttons & those sweet yellow crocheted flowers are awesome.  This sampler makes me very happy.  Thanks, Jan!
In May I created this little green 1930s print sampler for my friend Bev of Country Frog Creations
Bev & I have been swapping for years & have become friends...even though she lives in Pittsburgh & insists on rooting for the Steelers.  I'll forgive her for that!  Bev loves green so I hand pieced & quilted this little quilt for her.  I'm loving these little quilts...might have to make myself a bunch of them one of these days.
In May I received this bright & beautiful sampler from Pam of Treasures-n-Textures.  I've swapped with Pam in the past, too...and asked her for some bright colors & she sure delivered.  The batik fabric background is beautiful & the vintage flowers in the bouquet are so special.  Love that crocheted lace at the bottom, too.  I love it all...thanks Pam!
Whew!!!  Thanks if you've stayed with me to the end...I feel better now that I've posted the little works of art from A Swap for All Seasons.  I've just mailed off my June sampler to Texas...so once my partner has received it & I've received my June swap, I'll update them here.  AND I'll try to keep up with each month as it goes along. 
Oh...one more distraction from my new phone...I get alerts from the Los Angeles TV stations when there's a police pursuit in progress...
This one was along the 15 going north from near where we lived in Corona to Ontario & beyond.  I guess it's a Southern CA thing...but you've gotta love a good police pursuit!!!  I can't resist watching.
So...that's what I've been up to...I'll have some quilt top in progress pix to share soon...and our little garden is growing nicely...you can see them all on Instagram...look for ohkittencreates.
Happy SUMMER!!!


  1. This is quite timely as a matter of fact. I love all your samplers both received and given. Today I was working on yours for July. I truly think you will like it also. ASFAS Fabric Sampler/Banners is the most fun swap I participate in. Sunshine Smiles Dear...

  2. Love all the mini quilts and samplers-I envy those who can sew!! Such wonderful talent.
    Hug those kitties for me!

  3. Hi Debbie!
    I know what you mean about IG, I could just about sit there all day looking at all the eye candy.
    So much fun to see all your samplers, given and received! They're all so very charming. I love how everyone has such a different take and creative vision. This is the best swap, isn't it?! So inspiring. Right now I've got an idea in my head for my 7th one, but I find things always go a different direction for me than I had originally planned.
    Too funny that you get our car chases! I'm sure you know we have them all the time. We had a "slow chase" in the valley recently - the new wrinkle was the fellow had a message but I can't remember it now LOL. Never a dull moment here :)
    Happy week!


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