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Thursday, December 24, 2015

Merry Christmas!

Christmas 1958.  My brother was 2 and I was 6.  You can see the excitement with Dad in his bathrobe and Mom on the couch taking this picture.  I love that old TV, too.  The tree was a fresh one.  Now we have a little 2 ft high tree so the cats can't climb it.  It's still festive & it looks like Christmas here.

Phil and I now live in this house.  My brother & SIL and her sister will be joining us tomorrow afternoon for a Christmas Day feast of lots of different veggies & dips & cream cheese based spreads. Crab Louie salad on crackers...ham...I can't even remember everything I've made today.  I'd still like to bake cookies...maybe tomorrow morning since the food is done.

It will be a great afternoon & evening of eating & talking & gift giving.

We'll also have a GREEN Christmas!!!  NO SNOW!!!  I'm thrilled that Santa brought me what I wished for.  Hopefully there will be sun.  It will be in the 40s, but I can't have everything.  No snow makes me HAPPY!!!

Oh...and there's Christmas Eve FOOTBALL...Chargers @ Raiders.  The Chargers are MY team and this game is a fierce rivalry.  We've got peel & eat shrimp and Tom's Mom's Norwegian Salad to nosh on tonight.  That's some cream cheese with a bit of Worcestershire sauce mixed in then loaded with thinly sliced radishes & green onions.  It's been a Christmas Eve tradition for us ever since Tom made it for me years ago.  I sure do miss my dear friend, but think of him every time we eat this.

Phil & I will open gifts tonight...and then have some White Castle cheeseburgers...another Christmas Eve tradition from when he & I first dated.  We went to his friend's parents for Christmas Eve & after the gifts were exchanged, the guys went to White Castle for sliders.  Ours are from the freezer case now...but tradition is tradition!  There may be pix on Instagram...I'm @ohkittencreates

I hope you have a wonderful holiday filled with lots of good memories & love.  Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  1. I love this photo...it tells a great story! You and your brother are so darned cute!!!

  2. Such wonderful memories. We like to stop by White Castle when we are in KY.


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