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Monday, February 15, 2010

And what exactly are Paczki???

Well, with tomorrow being Mardi Gras...or Fat Tuesday...the stores here in Parma, OH have been selling Paczki for a few weeks now.  Paczki is a Polish word, and therefore, not pronounced anything like it looks.  Who knows why, but that happens.  "Paczki" is actually pronounced "PUNCH-key" or "POONCH-key".  What???  Oh well...look at "Na Zdrowie"...which is pronounced "na-STROV-ya".  Where do they get THAT???  It's a toast which means "To your health", which certainly does not apply to Paczki!  Please understand, I have nothing against my Polish neighbors & friends...but I have NO idea how they learned to read that language!!!

You get an image of some of my Mardi Gras beads today as I don't have an image of Paczki.  We bought them once & thought they were way too greasy & sweet...but basically they're a filled jelly doughnut.  I'd rather get the raspberry filled ones from Krispy Kreme myself!  You can read about Paczki here.

Here in Parma, OH...with it's heavily Eastern European ethnic population, the Tuesday before Ash Wednesday is Paczki Day.  Personally, we'll celebrate Mardi Gras here...much more fun & better food!  I have to admit, I grew up in Parma...lived in the Cleveland/Lakewood area until I escaped to CA at the age of 28.  Until we moved back here to help Mom in 2004, I had never even heard of Paczki.  Maybe it's because I went to college in Kent at the age of 17 & then moved to Lakewood soon after I graduated.  However, our 2 years spent living in Dallas made us very familiar with Mardi Gras.  King Cake...beads...Cajun & Creole foods...YUM!

So however you celebrate Fat Tuesday...get ready...it's coming tomorrow!!!   Na Zdrowie!!!

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