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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Haiti By Hand

While looking through blogs this morning, I discovered this wonderful blog dedicated to helping the people of Haiti, especially the women who want to be able to support themselves & their children through art. 

Rebecca Sower, a fabulous artist, has started Haiti By Hand.  If you are an artist, you can help by donating items to sell in the Haiti By Hand Etsy shop.  Anyone can shop and be assured that the money you spend there will go directly to help these women and you will receive a hand crafted treasure.  You can read the stories on the blog.  You can donate supplies...I know I have lots of things to share.  Right now, there is a Yarn Drive.  An earlier post asked for embroidery floss. 

I would ask that you take a moment and read through the Haiti By Hand blog...and help if you are able.  I know times are tough for most of us.  I don't personally have money to donate, but I sure can donate stuff!   I will be working on an item or two to donate to the Etsy shop, too. 

While I was writing this post, I received email from Rebecca with the mailing address for the yarn & embroidery supplies.  To get the address, you can email Rebecca directly...there is a link on the blog...or email me or leave a comment here on this post & I will get back to you with the address. 

Thanks...and remember...as it says on one of my all-time favorite rubber stamp images...Art Saves Lives! 

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  1. Thank you for posting this information Debbie. I will definitely look into this when I return home from work tonight.


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