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Saturday, May 8, 2010

I'm in the mood for...charms!

Yesterday was my art friend Kimber's birthday...Happy Birthday, Kimber!!!  Awhile ago I decided to make her a charm bracelet for her birthday.  The photo above is the finished bracelet.  She received it & loves it, so it's ok to share it here now.

(I know the pic could be a bit clearer, but we had so many gloomy days & I had to get it into the mail to her...so I did the best I could do).

I really enjoy making art charms...and attempting to make charms that have something to do with the favorite things of the person I'm creating for.  I find it makes creating the charms & sending the gift all that much more special. 

Enjoy your weekend, y'all!  We had tornado WARNINGS to the west of us & then to the east of us last night.  Here we got high winds, heavy rains, lots of lightning but no tornado warnings.  Tornadoes scare me much more than the CA earthquakes ever did.  Although...I wouldn't mind taking a visit to OZ!


  1. How lucky am I to have Kitten for a friend?!?!?
    Very, very, very, and so on...
    Thanks so much for this bracelet! It is so beautiful. I'll cherish it!
    You're the best!!!

  2. Great job! What a wonderful gift!! Happy Birthday Kimber!

  3. What an awesome birthday gift. Lovely!

  4. i love this! such happy colors!


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