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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Make ART not trash

I have to admit...I can look at many things & find an art use for them.  Bottle caps get carefully removed so as not to dent them...they can be used as the base for a magnet or charm.  Mesh bags that lemons or potatoes come in make great textures on a page of a journal & can be used as stencils, too.  But one of my favorite art supplies that never lands in the recycling here is matchboxes...yep...matchboxes.  Small ones from restaurants (if any restaurants still give those out)...and the ones from the large kitchen matches that we buy to use to light candles.  With some paper & paint & embellishments, they become great little gift boxes that are actually a gift themselves. 

This is an example of one I made for my online art friend, Bev.  I had some goodies to share with her & decided the matchbox I had just emptied could be part of her little gift.

I really liked the drawer pull on the drawer...I thought it was a nice touch.  You can buy this pull & some other styles from SkyBluePink in the Hardware category.  The girl image is from Red Lead Paperworks.

Here is a peek inside the matchbox...

You can fit a lot of little art bits into one of these.  Oh...and to make sure the drawer moves more easily when pulled out, I apply a bit of JudiKins MicroGlaze to the bottom & sides of the drawer itself & also to the inside surface that the drawer will slide on.

The small matchboxes are fun to use as a little gift box for a charm or a gift of beads & buttons and other small goodies.  The one below was sent to a swap partner of mine, Sally...that's a small fabric yo-yo as a flower.  These are so small & sweet...and a nice touch for gift giving.

So my advice is to take a look at that item you might be tempted to throw into the trash or recycling bin...it could be an art supply!  Does anyone have any other wonderful "hidden" art supply ideas???  I'd love to hear them.  Just leave me a comment...and keep making art!


  1. Deb, This was a great little box that I still have on my craft table to use as inspiration! And you really can put alot of bits and treasures in one of these! You don't have to spend alot on a special gift....just making it special means the most. You are a wonderful cyber friend that I hope to meet in person soon!

    I've used fresh fruit baskets to use for storage or to make paper strawberry baskets. I actually have a big box of "saved" items that I hope to recycle into art projects... just waiting for enough time!

    Thanks Girl!

  2. Hey Bev...I'm so happy you like your goodies box. I had fun making it for you. We really must meet one of these days...it's not THAT far from Pittsburgh to Parma!
    I love baskets...I actually have some vintage fruit baskets here...they were in the basement & are probably from the 1950s...maybe 60s? Made from a thin wood...very cool & great storage. Thanks for your idea.


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