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Saturday, March 19, 2011

I'm addicted to dyeing...

This is the rainbow of ribbons that is drying on my kitchen counter this morning.  You should FEEL them...the tactile experience is awesome & the colors are spectacular.  I'm an addict.  This is almost an entire 100 yard bolt of white ribbon, dyed up last night & into the wee hours of the morning.

As soon as I figure out some color combos...and dye some more, of course, they will be up for sale in my Etsy shop, KittenCreates.  Hop on over sometime...help support my habit if you can!  I'll send lots of love with my ribbons, too.


  1. Oooooooooo weeeee, those are just GORGEOUS Kitten!!

  2. Now this is some gorgeous ribbon-what will you use it for? BTW, I too, am stuck in Ohio. Grew up in Mentor-married and left for 35 years! Now we are getting ready to retire down in Carrollton-no art, no shopping-argh! I whine on a regular basis!

  3. oh, dear... they are fantastic! I know someday I will get some =) I think they are great for making super cool jewelry, too!
    I wish you the very best with your store. Keep them coming amiga!

  4. I received my goodies I purchased from you and LOVE them! Thanks for the extras too! I see you are finished your swap already, boy, I'm WAY behind, I better get to it! Susan

  5. Gorgeous! It's fun to see you're cooking up more than yummy food in your kitchen. The ribbons are just lovely...



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