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Monday, March 7, 2011

Swapping with my Red Lead Art Sisters...

After a bit of a hiatus from art swaps, I needed to get back into the swing of things & the "Welcome to my Cottage" swap sponsored by the girls at Red Lead Paperworks was simply irresistable. 

Each Swap Sister is taking 3 of these chipboard cottages & altering & embellishing them to create artsy bits of springtime beauty.  Since SPRING cannot come soon enough for me, this was just the thing to have me really thinking of warmer days & nature springing back to life after the all too long & bleak doldrums of winter.  Winter in NE Ohio lasts for half of the year...and one day of it is too much for me!

My favorite of the cottages I created is the "let yourself fly" one above.  We feed the birds here all winter long, but soon there will be even more of them around & the dogwood in our backyard will begin to bloom.  It truly is one of the most beautiful sights after a dead winter.

My other 2 little cottages are shown below.  They will all be mailed in to the Red Lead Swap Sisters & I'll receive 3 cottages from others in return...along with a vintage paper pack as a gift for playing.  You can't beat that. You should play with us sometime...the Yahoo group can be found by clicking on the button at the top of my sidebar.  Sign up for the weekly newsletter, too...all sorts of great ideas & often a contest to enter to win a fabulous goodie bag.  From the shop home page, just click Mailing List & you can sign up.  

Counting the days until SPRING...we've been teased with some warmer weather & snow melting, but that ugly snow stuff came back over the weekend...we've had snow as late as April here...which is a cruel, cruel joke by Mother Nature!  Let's hope that groundhog was right & it's an early spring. 


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