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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Art Charm swaps

One day of looking at that icky photo as the first thing on my blog was more than enough...so I'm going to share pix of some recent charm swaps I've done with the ArtCharms group.  The one above was Woodstock & the 1960s...well, I wasn't at Woodstock, but I definitely was around in the 60s, having graduated from high school in 1970. 

Then there was a Summer Garden swap...I did 2 different designs for that one...both with flowers & butterflies.  Fun swap.

A Summertime quick swap where we only made 5 charms & got 5 back.  I did 2 different sets...the fishies & the SUN!  We'll do the same swap for Autumn, that nasty Winter, & Spring, too. 

Here are my charms for the Going Native theme.  Bone beads with chips of turquoise & red jasper.  All of the swaps above have ended & our charms from others in the group have returned to us.

Our most recent swaps are due to the hostesses soon.  My bone skeletons for Halloween are above.  I adore those little skull beads.

And then the swap I was most excited to see...a Dia de los Muertos swap!  My sugar skull contribution is shown above.  I'm currently working on a Dia de los Muertos bracelet for myself, & the charms from this swap might just end up as another bracelet once they have returned to me.  This was a big swap...28 charms...so that will be a nice, full second bracelet...or maybe a Dia de los Muertos altered book with the swap charms hanging from the spine.  Only time will tell. 

There were also quite a few swaps I didn't play in...I have to limit how many I do.  If you want to get started in making Artcharms, or want a nice active charm group, I can recommend the ArtCharms Yahoo group...lots of great art charms, fun people & everyone pitches in to answer questions if you need help on a technique. 


  1. So do I! However, the Florida girl in me like the beachy look - the blue and greens with the fish!


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