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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Humane Society Fundraiser update & a call for Art Supplies

Thanks to permission from Jeanette Janson, I am able to share the pic above of some of my donated items for sale at the Humane Society fundraiser.  You can read more about the fundraiser on Jeanette's blog.  I was so happy to be able to donate & to see the little tribute card I created about our dear Sophie included in this display.  You can also see more of the event photos here.

In other art related news, once again my dear friend, Melody, is teaching art journaling to a class of at-risk students in Southern CA.  Melody has been volunteering her time to teaching these students for quite a few years now & can really use any donations from all of us.  It seems that as artists, we always have extra supplies...or access to great deals on supplies...and it's a great feeling to be able to share with these kids. 

Melody can explain it much more eloquently than I can...so please check out her Art Supply Drive on her blog & please donate if you are able.  She shares a great video explaining her program at that link.  Please take a few minutes to visit my dear friend's blog & please donate if you can.  I know times are tough for all of us, but every little bit helps & all of it goes to very good use.

Thanks & have a great weekend...it's actually NICE weather here for a change...a complete opposite of last weekend's gloom & doom.  We'll be out enjoying it as much as we can.

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