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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Birthday Girl c.1957

This little Birthday Girl is me...back in 1957, I guess.  The folder with this pic in it doesn't have any notes on it, but I think I see 5 candles on my cake.  The party scene is in the basement of the house we live in now...and it is still unfinished to this day.  It's only used for storage these days, but back when the house was new, it was our playroom & party room.  Check out that dress I'm wearing...good grief!  My favorite part of the table is those aluminum tumblers...wish I had found those in the basement here, but they are long gone.

Then...a couple years ago, my favorite stamping/scrapbook/altered art/fun stuff store, Red Lead Paperworks, came out with this birthday girl image...see any similarities?  I hadn't even found the pic of me when I made this tag to send to them as a sample for their shop.  Interesting coincidence, no? 

I do love this image...and I've used it many times.  The text stamp is from Red Lead, too. 

So...it's my birthday...and we have wild jumbo snow crab legs & clusters waiting in the freezer...it will be a good dinner tonight!  I'd rather cook my own dinner than go to any of the restaurants around here.  We have a bottle of Prosecco chilling, too...let the celebration begin...after I get some more sleep!

BTW...Mother Nature is cooperating as much as she can in OH...she doesn't have much to work with in this pathetic state.  The snow is gone & the sun is shining...and it should get into the 50s.  Still too cold for me, but better than it could be.  Thanks, Mother Nature.


  1. Happy birthday, Kitten! I know you don't like the snow, but it's my favorite substance. I adore it! And since we don't get any, I'm happy to appreciate that piddly amount you had yesterday.

    Enjoy your birthday and your special dinner!
    Big HUGS!

  2. I have some of these same photos in our basement at birthday parties!!!! LOL That stamp is really cute and yes, I really see the similarities!!!! Snow! Jeesh! Well, it was suppose to rain here today, 60% chance, now they say no rain and 80 degrees.....I give up! My husband had a whole week off between old and new jobs and we had all kind of things planned....I have been in bed with a mother of a cold! I never get colds! 11-11-11 was no lucky day for me either! LOL Take care Sandy

  3. Love that birthday photo and I'm with you on those aluminum tumblers. Enjoy your birthday CAKE!

  4. Happy Birthday, Debbie! I love you bunches!
    And you look DARLING in your dress. :o)


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