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Saturday, November 19, 2011

WHOO's got owls?

Who's got owls?  My friend Kimber has owls...and you can have them, too...all you have to do is visit her Etsy shop...Kimberiginal.  I was the lucky recipient of one of these cuties one Christmas & they are so adorable.  You'll definitely want one or more on your tree.  They make great gifts & are fabulous to tie onto a gift as a special trim.
I've been busy making more ornaments & altered matchbox gift boxes to sell...of course, as I get them done, they will be listed in my Etsy shop, KittenCreates.  I found some vintage Christmas Seals from 1984...and the one sheet I have from that year actually had Hanukkah images in addition to the usual Christmas ones.  I have not seen that in any other year.  I have created a couple sets of Altered Matchboxes using reproductions of these stamps & they are also available in my shop. 

Back to the studio...to see if the paint is dry so I can make more gift boxes...I sold 5 sets yesterday alone...so y'all know what I'll be doing this weekend.  I hope you're doing something creative, too.

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