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Thursday, January 12, 2012

It's time for Valentine's Day stuff

If I'm up to my elbows in pink stuff, can Valentine's Day be far behind? 
I had to throw in a bit of peach to enhance the pink.
And some purple always goes with pink, too.

These new color combos as well as many others are now available in my Etsy shop.  I'm planning to list a few more Valentine treasures there, too.  Who knows...there might be some vintage Valentines for sale.  Of course, there are also bracelets & charms with a hearts & love theme...stop on by & see if there's anything your heart desires.

Just a reminder...USPS shipping rates go up on January 22, 2012.  I'll need to raise my shipping prices at that time, too.  So...if there's anything you want, now is the time to get it at the current rates. 

Thanks for stopping by!


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