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Monday, January 2, 2012

Our new New Year's Tradition...

Phil certainly had a GREAT idea when he suggested Chinese take out as the way to eat our pork & cabbage for good luck in the new year.  Pork fried rice...egg rolls...Roast Pork with Chinese vegetables.  LOTS of bok choy in the stir fry...cabbage in the egg rolls...and pork throughout.  Yep...this is how we'll do it from now on.  We got 3 fortune cookies along with our meal...you can see our fortunes above.  They seem like auspicious fortunes to start a new year.

Now if only it hadn't snowed...with more on the way.  Lake effect snow sucks.  We've only got a couple inches on the ground, but if you know me, one flake is way too much!  Snow should be on top of the mountains where it belongs...not where we live.

Time for me to hibernate!

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  1. mmmmm - sounds yummy! We had spring rolls - I love those! And salad. Had eaten a huge lunch.
    Don't forget to say "in bed" at the end as you read those fortunes - lol! Somehow I've never outgrown that!
    Happy New Year!


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