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Friday, February 24, 2012

Mail should be beautiful, too...

My friend Kimber has been inspired lately...she has been busy sewing paper to make some awesome collages that can survive a trip through the USPS.  I know they can...she sent me one of her Valentine postcards & it arrived safe & sound. 
Kimber is selling her original collage cards in her Etsy shop, Kimberiginal.  She has these beautiful postcards & notecards available there.  These are original collages, not digital copies, which is nice as the texture of the stitching adds so much to their appeal.  Each one would look stunning framed & hanging on a wall.  You can see more of Kimber's art on her blog, A Journey in Creativity

Please support independent artists...we really appreciate your business.  Thanks!


  1. Kimber's cards are gorgeous! I have been going through a lot lately - some good, some bad, but all keeping me far to busy with life! Hugs!

  2. I just added your blog to my list of blogs I visit. Hope all is well with you. Your banner comment about Cleve-land cracked me up- so YOU!


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