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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Wire Wrapping

More Egyptian inspiration...and some more experimenting with wire wrapping.  I like the fact that "sloppy" wrapping can be a desirable outcome...sure makes the process less intimidating.  This is actually a small charm...under 1.5" with the jump ring.  I've had the stone donut for years...and after seeing a photo by Christine Hansen in our ArtCharms group of the wire wrapped donuts she designed, I decided to try it myself...and I'm glad I did.  Thanks, Chris!

Then...somehow this little guy made his way into my studio...perched on his little matchbox.  I really like him...he's got lots of personality for a lizard.  He might need some friends soon.


  1. Great charm! The wire wrapping looks really good and the square donut is very cool! Love the lizard too.

  2. I like what you did. I have to work more with wire wrapping. I have all the stuff for it, same with soldering, I just have to do it!


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