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Monday, March 12, 2012

Happy 100th Birthday, Girl Scouts!

Back in the day, I was a Girl Scout...growing up in 1950s Suburbia, it was inevitable.  I started out in Brownies, of course.  Troop 120.  We had lots of fun times at our meetings and at camp & campouts....and selling Girl Scout cookies.  I went on to be a Cadette, but quit scouting once I hit high school...and became a brooding young artist!  By the late 1960s, I was no longer interested in earning badges or going to meetings.  I have no idea where most of my Girl Scout stuff is...maybe in the attic.  I still have my pins & wore the oval Brownies one during college...Peace, Man!

Back in 2007, I was part of a group of artists who created a fatbook based on Girl Scout memories.   The page above is one of 2 I created for the book.  I'm lucky to have my school pix from elementary school & found that one of me dressed in my Brownies uniform on picture day, 1961. 
My Girl Scouts page featured an image from the Girl Scout Handbook that I remember having...but I purchased one on eBay to do the fatbook.  I also purchased a bunch of Girl Scout Badges to use for the fatbook.  Each page featured an actual badge...every one different from the next.  It was fun to see the badges & remember the ones I had earned way back when.  I ended up with extra badges after creating my pages, so I called the local Girl Scout council & they were happy to take them. 

So...Happy Birthday to all the Girl Scouts out there...past & present.  Keep selling those cookies & we'll keep buying them...especially Thin Mints...YUM!


  1. Hey, did you know it's not just the Girl Scouts' anniversary today, it's their 100th anniversary?!

    Back in the early 70s when I was in elementary school, my best friend and I prepared a report every March for our class on the history of the Girl Scouts. We've laughed about that as adults, wondering how in the world our peers survived the oh-so-obvious cheesing for extra credit we inflicted upon them year after year. :)

  2. Hey Sandi...
    Thanks for the reminder...I did know it was the 100th anniversary/birthday of the GS, but I wasn't awake enough this morning to rememebr that detail...I've fixed my post title now...thanks!


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