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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Always Remember

This is a piece I made years ago using a photo of my favorite uncle...Uncle Ed...when he was serving in the Army during World War II.  He is surrounded here by his Mom, my Grandma...and his sister...my Mom.  Home on leave, I assume...and they are all happy for some time together.  Or maybe he is just heading out to war & an uncertain future.  They are all gone now, so I'll never know.

Uncle Ed survived the war & never really talked about it too much, although every so often I'd hear a story of one of his war buddies.  He remained in contact with many of them until the end.  Proud memories of a service to his country...to insure freedom for his daughter & his nieces & nephews...and for all Americans.

Thanks to Uncle Ed...his buddies...my Dad...and to all service men past & present who sacrifice so much for our freedom.  Thanks to all their families for the sacrifice they make, too. 

Remember them always...and especially on Memorial Day.
Thank them for our freedom.

Oh...and if you see Veterans at grocery stores or in other public places this weekend...selling Buddy Poppies, give them a couple bucks & proudly wear a poppy. 
In case you don't know the significance of the Poppies, be sure to read this poem & story about it,
"In Flanders Fields" , written years ago about the horrors of war.

Always Remember

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  1. My MIL always sold these years ago. Today I can't find them in my area and I want one. Each year I think about finding them- I'll have to contact my local VFW.


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