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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Happy Mother's Day

This has to be one of my my all time favorite family photos...it's my Aunt Lonnie & my cousin Sally.  Aunt Lonnie was my Godmother, and my favorite aunt.  I'm a lot like her...except I knew I never wanted kids unless they were furry, had paws & purred.  I can see the look of "I'd rather be anywhere else but here" in Aunt Lonnie's eyes in this photo. 

Aunt Lonnie is gone now, but Mother's Day is a good day to remember her...along with my Mom & Grandmas, Aunts & other mother figures I've had along my path in life.  Here's to all women who choose the path of motherhood...celebrate them today & all year, too. 

And here's to those who realize the path is not for them...we need to protect women's legal rights to choose whether or not the motherhood role is one they want to take.   I completely support a woman's right to choose...and I hope this country is wise enough to continue to allow women this basic human right.  We shouldn't even have to worry about this right being taken away any longer...and men certainly should not be the ones making that decision for women! 

Happy Mother's Day to every Mom out there...enjoy your special day.


  1. Great picture, it really does say it all! I really applaud women who choose not to be mothers. I think being a parent needs to be a choice and not just something you are supposed to do, yeah to all women today!

  2. Oh that picture...I've had days/weeks/months like that, lolol. GREAT post Kitten! I agree wholeheartedly with you: each and every woman should choose for herself whether or not she wants to take on, for at least the next eighteen years, the responsibility for the care and development of another human being. It's a big job, and certainly not an easy job, even when the mama WANTS to be the mama. I think people who WANT to be parents SHOULD be parents, and people who do NOT want to be parents should NOT be forced into it. That sort of thing creates unhappy people, and in the end, it's the kids who suffer the most.


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