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Monday, August 20, 2012

Remember September 2012 edition

As I was watching the news this weekend, there was a story about the September 11 anniversary that is approaching.  It made me think again of that painful day & all the senseless violence & tragedy.  It also reminded me that it's time to start to design my envelope for the Remember September Mail Art Memorial Project.

The envelope above is the one I sent last year.  This year marks eleven years since that fateful day.  I'll be mailing my envelope again this year...and hopefully you may be inspired to do so, too.  I have no idea if there will ever be an exhibit of these pieces of mail art.  The archives on the website have only been updated through 2006, but my envelopes have never been returned as not deliverable...so I'll continue to send them each year...and as I create them & mail them off, it is my hope that anyone who sees it during it's transit through the mail will pause & remember, too.

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