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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sunny on a Cold Gloomy Saturday

The rain started Friday & continued into Saturday...the temperatures dropped into the 60s.  It was a gloomy & cold summer day.  After being awake for a bit, Phil got called into work to drop off some back-up tapes & Sunny & I decided to go back to bed to watch TV & wait for him to get back home.  I was throwing her mousies & she was chasing them, but all of a sudden she decided to burrow under the quilt at the foot of the bed.  After burrowing around a good part of the bed, she settled back where she started & fell asleep.  At first, only her tail & a small part of a footie were visible.  I grabbed the camera & captured this...
Then this...
That face was begging me to stop with the flash pix already, so I did...for awhile.  After some stretching & getting more comfy, this was the scene...
And finally a big thumbs up!
All in all a pretty good Saturday for Sunny & me. 

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