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Sunday, October 28, 2012

There's still time to help...

The pretty kitty above is Sophie, who is no longer able to help in my studio.  We miss her & our Sunny Cat isn't a big help unless you want shredded ribbon or missing stuff!  Gotta love kitties!
If Sophie could, she'd remind you that there's still time to help our friend Melody & her Bits & Pieces Art Program.  I've already sent a big box of art supplies out to CA so Melody can continue her work teaching Art Journaling to at risk elementary school kids.  You can learn how you can help by visiting the link & watching her video.
Another dear friend of ours has yet another way you can help.  Queen Xina of SkyBluePink has a donation page to make it easy to donate items that are especially needed.  YOU could also win a prize...read about it in this post from her weekly newlsletter:
The Queen wishes gently to remind thee that Our artist friend Melody is
once again teaching several classes of at-risk children about art journaling.
And the Bits & Pieces Art Program could use thine extra art supplies,
or even a small donation. Her classes start in November, so now is the
time to help! The official web site has a more complete explanation of her
Art Program and an introductory video, too.

If thou wishes to help this wonderful cause, we at SkyBluePink have
created a web page where donations can be made to offset the cost of
Melody's top 4 items: blank books, scissors, ink pads, and loteria sets.
Thou canst simply add a small donation to thy regular shopping cart, and
we will see that the items on Melody's list get purchased wholesale and
shipped to her.

Xina has declared that there will be a drawing for SkyBluePink Gift
Certificates once this year's Bits & Pieces Art classes have begun.
Everyone who donates to this project through this web page will be
entered, and there will be multiple prizes!

While you are visiting SkyBluePink, be sure to look around...there are always sooooooooo many delightful "must haves" for all your creative outlets. 
Thanks for visiting & helping if you are able.  BE SAFE if you are in the path of this massive storm.


  1. Sigh. I have a pile ready, but haven't made it to the P.O. to send it off. So much stress right now! But i imagine she will take it whenever she can get it, although that is not ideal!

  2. Hi Debbie - thanks so much to you and Angel Kitty Sophie for reminding folks about my program. I really appreciate your support with supplies and appreciate that you spread the word to others. That's such a help!

    Hi Peggy - I'm very happy to accept donations any time you send them, so no worries. Thank you for gathering up goodies for my students!


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